Marat Tanalin


Creating websites

  • Development. Creating usable and future-proof websites.
  • Coding. Modern semantic HTML/CSS coding according to web standards.
  • Usability. Improving usability of existing websites.
  • Translation. English-to-Russian translation by a native Russian speaker.

You, Marat, are a really good master. It’s easy and pleasant to deal with you.
Tsygankov Yuriy Mikhaylovich, marketing director of Anacom LLC

Examples of developed sites
  • Foxconn, russian representative office
  • Tolstoys
  • Setec Engineering
  • Coolpoint, russian social network
  • Sergey Troshin (STN), IT expert
Full portfolio

Electronic music

Nondance electronic music by the author.

Your music are fantastic. I like them all. I’m very glad to know you—a music genius.
Dennis, Hong-Kong

About the author

Marat Tanalin is an experienced web developer who creates websites since 2002. His hobby is composing melodic instrumental electronic music. He is characterized by common sense, high quality of work, and having no pernicious habits.




UsableHomeButton (Firefox extension)
Go to home page of any website with just one click.
CSS Global Order (JavaScript library)
Flexbox-free support for the order CSS-property. (JavaScript library)
display: table emulation for IE6 and IE7.
MultilinePathEnv (Windows utility)
Multiline editor of the Path system environment variable.
WhiteScreen (Windows utility)
Screensaver for LCD displays.