IntegerScaler is a freeware utility for upscaling windowed games with an integer ratio and with no blur. Such scaling is known as integer (integral) scaling and pixel doubling.

This allows playing games e. g. at Full-HD (1920×1080) resolution on 4K (3840×2160) monitors with no quality loss, unlike ever-lossy bilinear full-screen scaling used by displays and graphics drivers.

How it works

The application simulates full-screen mode for windowed games. Integer scaling ratio for filling the screen as entirely as possible is calculated automatically. The scaled image is centered on the screen. The rest screen area around the image is filled with black background.

Scaling ratio is automatically recalculated when scaled-window size is changed according to the game’s resolution.

Scaling is not applied to maximized windows.

Scaling is automatically disabled when the scaled window is closed, and is also temporarily disabled when the scaled window is minimized or maximized, and automatically enabled once window is returned to normal (not minimized and not maximized) state.

How to use

The user interface of the program consists of the two parts:

  • keyboard shortcuts (hot keys) for controlling scaling;
  • icon in the notification area (system tray) with a menu.

Keyboard shortcuts

Pressing the Alt+F11 keyboard shortcut enables scaling for currently active window. Pressing it again disables scaling regardless of what window is active.

Pressing the Ctrl+Alt+F11 keyboard shortcut enables scaling with a delay of 5 seconds. This allows to enable scaling even in games which block third-party keyboard shortcuts while the game’s window is active: just press the keyboard shortcut while the game window is inactive and then switch to the game window in 5 seconds. The same action can be done via the “Scale after 5 seconds” item of the application menu.

Additionally, the program disables scaling when either the Win key or the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keyboard shortcut is pressed.


A click on the icon shows the menu that allows to enable scaling, view information about the program, open links to relevant web pages, or close the program.

Limitations and known issues

  • IntegerScaler is solely intended for games running in windowed mode and does not work with games running in true full-screen mode.
  • The program uses the magnification mechanism built into Windows 8+, so older versions such as Windows 7 are not supported.
  • Mouse-cursor moving perceived speed increases proportionally with scaling ratio.
  • For scaling games running as administrator, the IntegerScaler program should also be running as administrator.