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UsableHomeButton is a Firefox extension that makes browser’s “Home” button usable by linking it to home (main) page of current site instead of generally useless start page of the browser itself.

Also, context menu of the improved “Home” button allows to go to a parent URL as well as to remove current page or site from browser’s history, and to open regular start page of the browser.


  • Clicking “Home” button of the browser (or pressing Alt+Home keyboard shortcut) opens home page of a site opened in currently active tab.
  • Context menu is added to “Home” button. The menu can be opened with right click and includes:
    • list of hierarchical parts of current page’s URL with ability to go to any of corresponding parent pages;
    • “Forget about the page” item that removes current page from browser’s history (analog of “Delete This Page” command of context menu of a link in results of search in History in “Library” window);
    • “Forget about the site” item (analog of “Forget About This Site” command of context menu of a link in results of search in History in “Library” window):
      • removes all pages of current site from browser’s history;
      • removes cookies related to current site,
      • resets specific font-size for current site.
    • “Browser’s start page” item that opens regular start page of the browser — same page that opens by clicking “Home” button when UsableHomeButton extension is not installed.


The UsableHomeButton extension is available to download at its Addons.Mozilla.Org page.