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UsableHomeButton is a Firefox extension that gives a new meaning to the standard “Home” button: pressing the button results in opening the home (main) page of currently opened site instead of typically useless start page of the browser.

Also, a context menu is added to the “Home” button. The menu allows to go to any of parent URLs or to canonical URL of the page, open regular start page of the browser, and provides a number of additional features.


  • Pressing the “Home” button of the browser opens home page (domain root) of a site opened in currently active tab. For example, it’s easy to go from the page directly to If current page is already home page, clicking the “Home” button scrolls the page to top. Pressing Alt+Home keyboard shortcut is equivalent to pressing the “Home” button, Ctrl+Alt+Home opens home page in a new tab, Shift+Alt+Home — in a new window.
  • If current page is already home page or current page has no home page (e. g. on empty new tab), the “Home” button is disabled.
  • Context menu is added to the “Home” button. The menu can be opened with right click and contains the following items:
    • list of hierarchical parts of current page’s URL with ability to go to any of corresponding parent pages;
    • “Remove query string” to remove part of the URL after first question mark inclusive;
    • “Remove hash (anchor)” to remove part of the URL after first # character inclusive without reloading the page;
    • “Canonical URL” to go to URL specified in the LINK rel="canonical" HTML element of current page;
    • “Minimal URL” to go to a minimal working URL (without unneeded parts like page title duplicated in the URL just for SEO purposes) for some pages of some sites (currently supported are MSDN, Amazon, and  Intel’s ARK);
    • “Open in private window” to open current page in a private window;
    • “Copy” submenu that allows to copy to clipboard:
      • page title (text of the TITLE HTML-element);
      • first-level heading (H1) (including alt texts of images it contains);
      • page URL;
      • site’s domain;
    • “Forget about the page” to remove current page from browser’s history (analog of “Delete This Page” command of context menu of a link in results of search in browser’s history in the “Library” window or pressing the Delete key on the corresponding item of the autocomplete list of the location bar);
    • “Forget about the site” (analog of “Forget About This Site” command of context menu of a link in results of search in browser’s history in the “Library” window):
      • removes all pages of current site from browser’s history;
      • removes cookies related to current site,
      • resets site-specific settings for current site, font size in particular;
    • “Empty tab” (about:newtab) to open an empty tab that usually contains a grid of thumbnail buttons that allow to go quickly to most visited or favorite pages;
    • “Browser’s start page” (about:home) to open regular start page of the browser — same page that opens by pressing the “Home” button with UsableHomeButton not installed.