Marat Tanalin


Integer scaling

Electronic music

Author’s melodic instrumental electronic (synthesizer) music.

  • Brilliant! Genious chord combi­nations in many songs.
    Jarkko Toiminen, Finland

  • I like your sound.
    Dirk, Germany
  • Your music are fantastic. Very glad to know you — a music genius.
    Dennis, Hong-Kong

Creating websites

Developing quality web sites from scratch (full-stack).

You, Marat, are a really good master. It’s easy and pleasant to deal with you.
Tsygankov Yuriy Mikhaylovich, marketing director of Anacom LLC

Developed sites
  • Foxconn, russian representative office
  • Tolstoys
  • Setec Engineering
  • Coolpoint, russian social network
  • Sergey Troshin (STN), IT expert

About the author

Marat Tanalin is an experienced clearheaded web developer having a technical university degree who enjoys composing melodic instrumental music, programming and Formula 1 racing, is interested in information technologies, and free of pernicious habits.




Software for Windows:
Firefox extensions:
  • UsableHomeButton — go to site’s home page with one click.
  • SmartUpscale — prevents blurring images on webpages.
  • ConsistentHTTPS — prevents going accidentally from HTTPS URLs to HTTP URLs in the same domain.