About the author

Marat Tanalin is an experienced clearheaded web developer having a technical university degree who enjoys composing melodic instrumental music, programming and Formula 1 racing, is interested in information technologies, and free of pernicious habits.


Marat Tanalin creates websites since . He has a personal blog about web development and information technologies.

When creating websites, he follows web standards as well as “Progressive Enhancement”, “Graceful Degradation” and “Unobtrusive JavaScript” principles. He understands usability and information architecture. He distinguishes between design and drawing. He takes an interest in modern web technologies and information technologies in general.


Marat’s hobby is composing instrumental nondance electronic music. Emphasis on the nondance kind means aspiration for pointed melodiousness of the music, interesting harmony, variety of expression media, presence of an idea and a story.

Marat do value the music of the “Space” and the “Zodiac” which were ones of the originators of electronic music style. Indifferent to music by the “Kraftwerk” band. Indifferent to jazz.

Writes software for Windows when can’t find existing analogs.

Marat takes an interest in Formula 1 racing. Marat is indifferent to football and hockey.

Likes video­games, though plays rarely. The favorite genre is car racing. Prefers PC as the gaming platform. Interested in old (retro) games (mainly SNES, Genesis / Mega Drive, DOS) and emulation.

Personal qualities

Able to think using his own head according to common sense; decent; responsible; tries to work with high quality and attention to detail; prefers to fight reasons instead of consequences; likes self-education and working remotely; pragmatist; romantic; almost unaffected by stereotypes; no pernicious habits.

He values the same qualities in other people.

General information

Marat was born on  in Moscow, Russia. In , he has graduated from the Moscow state university of railway communications with a degree in robotics.

He appreciates opinions and is open to contact.