Author’s articles

Pixel-perfect integer-ratio scaling with no blur Updated
Full-screen scaling built into monitors and TVs leads to quality loss due to blur. The solution is integer-ratio scaling, but for now, there are scaling via graphics card, partial solutions and indirect ways to encourage manufacturers to implement such scaling.
Vertical reordering of blocks with CSS Updated
Cross-browser method for full-fledged vertical reordering of blocks of arbitrary height with CSS.
Internet Explorer (IE) version detection in JavaScript Updated
Minification-safe JavaScript detection of version of Internet Explorer (IE) browser.
How to connect synthesizer to computer Updated
In-depth information on methods of connecting synthesizer or MIDI keyboard to computer; also, interconnecting devices equipped with different interfaces is described.

Third-party articles

VOPM: The Unofficial Manual by Louis Gorenfeld
HTML version of the manual for the VOPM VST instrument which emulates the OPM (Yamaha 2151) chip.