Fixing the bug of Windows 7’s Explorer at zoom of 200%

ExplorerHiDpiFix is a free author’s program to work around the bug of Windows 7’s Explorer which causes that, at system-level zoom of more than 188%, the address bar gets very short, and almost entire width of the window is occupied by the search box, while changing the ratio of their lengths by drag-n-dropping the gap between them does not work.

The program forcedly sets lengths of the address bar and the search box at ratio of 3:1 (75% / 25%) and is intended for those not in a hurry to upgrade their Windows 7 to Window 10 which is free of this issue.

The fix is applied automatically to Explorer windows already opened on the program start, and, during the program is running, the fix is applied to new Explorer windows right after their opening as well as after each change in their size.

Happy second half of the decade to all dear readers.