UsableHomeButton 1.3

Features of the author’s extension UsableHomeButton for Firefox are expanded with the new items of context menu of the “Home” button:

  • “Remove query string” to remove part of the URL after first question mark inclusive;
  • “Remove hash (anchor)” to remove part of the URL after first # character inclusive without reloading the page;
  • “Canonical URL” to go to URL specified in the LINK rel="canonical" HTML element of the current page;
  • “Minimal URL” to go to a minimal working URL (without unneeded parts like page title duplicated in the URL just for SEO purposes) for some pages of some sites (currently supported are MSDN, Amazon, and Intel’s ARK).;
  • “Open in private window” to open current page in a private window;
  • items of the “Copy” submenu allow to copy page title (text of the TITLE element), first-level heading (H1) (including alt texts of images it contains), page URL, or site’s domain to clipboard.