The TIME element is removed from HTML5

HTML5 spec editor Ian Hickson has removed the TIME element from the HTML5 spec. This element allowed to markup dates (e.g. article publication date) usably and intuitively and was one of a few really semantic new features of HTML5.

As a “replacement”, he offers new common DATA element intended to markup any abstract data and having much more cluttered syntax based on microdata.

    <time pubdate>2009-08-30</time>
<article itemscope itemtype="">
    <data itemprop="datePublished" value="2009-08-30">2009-08-30</data>

A next step of Ian will probably be dropping all semantic elements (headings, paragraphs, lists, etc.) and replacing them to the great unified DIV element:

<div type="h1">
<div type="p">
<div type="ul">

Even Zeldman has noted how breathtaking is the change.

You can add your comments on page of proposal bug-report which Ian alone has made and then accepted by himself. Clever cookie.

Updated: On , removal of TIME element from HTML5 has been cancelled per request from HTML WG chairs.

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