UsableHomeButton 1.4

In the new version of the author’s extension UsableHomeButton for Firefox:

  • Now, if current page is opened via HTTPS, the “Canonical URL” menu item will point to HTTPS URL too.
  • Added support for minimal URL for Yandex.Market.
  • When copying first-level heading, heading inside MAIN element now has priority if exists.
  • Items for copying page title and first-level heading are now only displayed for documents that are not images, videos, audio files, etc.
  • When copying page title or first-level heading and it is empty or missing, an attempt is taken to copy heading or page title respectively, and if both are missing, a notification about inability to copy is displayed.
  • Added ability to copy decoded URL of page.
  • Copying site’s domain with no suffix now works correctly for national (e. g. cyrillic) domains.
  • Multiple internal changes.
  • Dropped support for Firefox older than 32.