Software for Windows

  • IntegerScaler
    Utility for scaling windowed games with an integer ratio and with no blur.
  • bsnes-mt
    bsnes-based SNES (Super Nintendo) emulator with pixel-perfect scaling, PNG screenshots, and more.
  • ExplorerHiDpiFix
    Workaround for address-bar and search-box lengths in Explorer in Windows 7 at system-level zoom of more than 188%.
  • MultilinePathEnv
    Multiline editor of the Path system environment variable.
  • WhiteScreen
    Screensaver for LCD displays, that smoothly changes transparency of itself during starting or closing.
  • DoNothing
    Stub application that closes itself immediately after its start.

Firefox extensions

  • UsableHomeButton
    Allows to go to home page of the currently loaded website and much more.
  • SmartUpscale
    Prevents blurring images on webpages, displayed at integer scaling levels.
  • ConsistentHTTPS
    Prevents going accidentally from HTTPS URLs to HTTP URLs in the same domain.

Programming libraries

  • IntegerScaling (C++/Rust/JS/PHP)
    Calculates integer ratios and scaled-image sizes for pixel-perfect image upscaling with optional aspect-ratio correction.
  • PizzaPNG (C++)
    GDI+ based PNG generation with a very simple API, and with no unneeded meta chunks forcedly added by GDI+.
  • CSS Global Order (JavaScript)
    Support for the order CSS-property with no need for enabling Flexbox for parent element.
  • (JavaScript)
    Emulation of CSS properties of display: table family in IE6 and IE7.