DoNothing is a stub application that does nothing:

  • does not open any windows;
  • closes itself automatically immediately after start.

May be useful for test or permanent disabling of autostart of applications which cannot be disabled or removed directly or if this could make the system or other applications nonworking.

To disable autostart of an application, it’s enough to:

  1. rename its executable file (e. g. example.exe → example.exe.orig);
  2. put the executable of the stub app to its place and name it as the original file (example.exe).

So, not the original application will then start, but the stub application that closes itself immediately, which is equivalent to disabling autostart of the original application. If, as a result, Windows would stop to work, it’s possible to restore the original file just by removing the stub application and renaming the original file back using, for example, an alternative operating system.

It’s recommended to disable autostart of the already tested application completely if the system has kept working when the tested application has been disabled using the stub application.