Creating websites: portfolio

The author’s portfolio contains hundreds of websites. Some of them are listed below.

Full technical implementation of website

Full technical implementation of a website includes server-side and client-side programming, database design, coding templates, and deployment of the website on a hosting platform.

Setec Engineering Russia (/)
Full technical implementation.
Foxconn’s official russian website ()
Full technical implementation. ()
Full technical implementation., russian social network ()
Full technical implementation.
Sergey Troshin’s (STN) personal website ()
Full technical implementation, design, logo, maintenance.

Coding templates, JavaScript, design, information architecture ()
Client-side development of new version of the site: coding templates, JavaScript programming. ()
Client-side development of the site: coding templates, JavaScript programming. ()
Coding templates after redesign. greeting-card service ()
Coding templates. ()
Modern recoding of templates. ()
Modern recoding of templates. ()
Information architecture, visual design, coding templates.
Petrovskiy Fort business-center ()
Basic information architecture, visual-design leadership, coding templates.
Fishing of Moscow region ()
Coding templates.